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Aliosbulkers LTD. - Main Component

ALIOS BULKERS LTD, the Company, operates in a socially responsible manner, ensuring the safety of people and the environment through transparent and ethical behavior.

The social policy of the Company is in compliance with ISM Code, MLC 2006 requirements and fully compatible with SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW and EU regulations. Furthermore, at ALIOS BULKERS LTD, we believe that Social Responsibility is an integral part of our business strategy.


In this regard, the Company has set the following principles:

  • Accountability of the organization’s impact on society and the environment
  • Transparency of our business policies, decisions, practices and activities that have impact on society and the environment;
  • Ethical behavior at all times;
  • Accept that respect of the rule of law, including the laws of the countries in which operates is mandatory;
  • Respect human rights and recognize both their importance and universality;

Furthermore, we aim to carry out our activities in a way to ensure:

  • Fair treatment of our employees and partners;
  • The highest standards in all matters relating to health, safety, quality and the environment;
  • Carrying out our marine activities in a sustainable manner by developing and implement zero emissions transport concepts in populated coastal areas and in general actions to prevent/avoid adverse environmental impacts;

We recognize that our operations have a global influence. With this in mind, we integrate sustainable thinking and corporate social responsibility into all our processes and business relationships.

Knowing that our employees are the most precious asset, their skills and competencies are developed by comprehensive training and continually raising their social awareness.

We promote continual improvement, focused on human safety, environmental protection and social concern, by timely review of our integrated management system, while always meeting or exceeding all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.

This Policy will be revised whenever necessary in order to ensure that the aims set are achieved and to monitor the correctness and effectiveness of the procedures and guidelines given.