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Aliosbulkers LTD. - Main Component

Alios Bulkers Ltd (Company) being involved in the operation and management of vessels providing worldwide transportation of cargoes by sea, recognizes the need to apply standards of security on the managed vessels and within the office environment.

The company develops and implements principles to ensure that measures implemented on board the managing ships are designed to protect human life, the environment, the cargo and the ship itself from the risks of a security incident. Measures against Thefts, Terrorism and Piracy acts are framed by this policy.


Specifically, the company will:

  • Ensure that the Company Security Officer and Deputy Company Security Officer are given the necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities deriving from this plan.
  • Maintain a global security situation awareness.
  • Provide for security protective practices and procedures in Office with safeguards against identified risks.
  • Conduct assessments of possible security threats to shore establishments.
    • Promote sustainable global improvement by participating and communicating security intelligence with other interested parties.
  • Comply with all applicable security laws and regulations and cooperate fully with relevant enforcement agencies.
  • Ensure that contingency planning is in place to provide appropriate responses to security threats.

The Company declares that the CSO and the Deputy CSO have adequate knowledge and/or have received training, that shore-staff personnel with specific security duties have sufficient knowledge and ability to perform their assigned duties and that all other personnel have sufficient knowledge of and are familiar with relevant provisions of the Office Security Manual (OSM). The Company ensures that the CSO and D/CSO are given the necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

This Policy will be revised whenever necessary in order to ensure that the aims set are achieved and to monitor the correctness and effectiveness of the procedures and guidelines given.