Aliosbulkers LTD. - Main Section

Aliosbulkers LTD. - Main Component

ALIOS BULKERS LTD., via its senior management and employees, is committed to providing its clients with high quality and efficient fleet management for the transport of bulk commodities, always in an environmentally-friendly and safe manner that is consistent with contracted requirements and industry standards.

In meeting this commitment, the Company’s senior management will:

  • Pursue business opportunities that are consistent with the Company’s core values centered on the safety and health of its employees, protection of the environment and flawless operational delivery on behalf of its clients
  • Ensure that business opportunities, as presented, are appropriate for the nature, scale and operating purpose of the Company
  • Provide ample resources, including trained, qualified and experienced personnel, along with the appropriate equipment to suit the contracted service
  • Comply with the terms, conditions and specification requirements of all commercial contracts and agreements
  • Comply with all industry standards, mandatory rules, statutory and legislative requirements
  • Manage the Company’s business processes and procedures; conduct reviews and evaluations of its operations and adherence to quality controls; implement improvements on an ongoing basis; and diligently monitor suitability, performance and progress so as to ensure continued effectiveness
  • Communicate this Policy to the Company’s on-shore and seagoing personnel and the interested public

The Company has operated and managed well over 100 vessels during its history.