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The purpose and objective of this Policy is to protect Company's information assets from all threats. Maritime companies as well as ships are vital elements of global trade and economy. Cyber attacks on information or control systems could negatively affect company employees, damage equipment, expose the environment to harmful pollutants or lead to extensive economic damage.

Alios Bulkers Ltd, in order to ensure continuity of operations, mitigate damage as well as ensure the protection of all of the above in general, is committed to the following:

  • Information and Systems either onboard or ashore identified as vulnerable to Cyber-attacks should be protected from a breach of confidentiality, integrity and availability;
  • Regulatory and legislative requirements should be met;
  • Cyber security awareness and training of our employees/crew members should be enhanced;
  • All breaches of information security should be reported and investigated;
  • Cyber risk management should be applied in order to identify and assess Cyber vulnerabilities;

Adequate resources required to achieve the above commitments, such as guidance and procedures should be provided to our employees/crew members. Among others, these include incident handling, information backup, system access, virus controls, passwords and encryption.